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'Strawberries & Cream' Print

'Strawberries & Cream' Print

Introducing "Strawberries & Cream," inspired by the cherished flavors of Wimbledon's favorite treat! This enchanting lady holds a special place in my heart as she represents an exciting artistic milestone. Pushing the boundaries of angles, hair, hands, racket, shading, and even knitting, and loved the creative process and results.


With a windswept mane and playful shadows casting across her face from a sun-kissed day on the tennis court, she captures the essence of beauty in the world of tennis. Adorned in a stylish Gucci jumper and sporting sweatbands, she effortlessly exudes both elegance and sporty charm. I couldn't be happier with the final outcome of this piece, and I invite you to explore and appreciate the joy and passion that went into its creation. Celebrating the artistry of tennis with me in "Strawberries & Cream."


Original painting created in oil on board, 55cm diameter. SOLD


Now available as a beautiful Giclee art print, printed onto German Etch art paper 310gsm with the finest inks. Framed in plantation grown timbers from New Zealand. 


Limited edition of 50


Paper size: 406.5 x 580mm

Frame size: 16” x 20” (406.5 x 580mm)



Paper size: 580 x 610mm

Frame size: 20” x 24” (580 x 610mm)


Round Framing is also available on request, this looks amazing with this particular piece!

Sizes up to 1200mm diameter. To give you an idea on pricing a 600mm diameter print framed would be $850, or a 1200mm diameter print would be $1950. 

  • Printed to order

    Unless these are in stock, they will be printed to order. Please allow 2 weeks for dispatch. 


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