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A fantastic thought provoking journey where at the end you have a wonderful reminder of how lucky we are to have these precious little people in our lives. 

Mandy creates a painting that ‘captures’ the energy of your family doing what they love. Complimentary designs, colours and sizes, specifically designed to suit your wall at home, office or beach house - wherever you choose! 

After consultation, discussing people/ personalities, fun times, favourite things (like a favourite bike, toy, pet, game or place etc.), Mandy can create pieces that are truly individual, including personal characteristics like hair and eye colour representing your family. 

‘People often say to me that they are worried that they don’t know what they would want. but that’s what I’m here for! That is the fun part of the process where you get to tell me all the fabulous things about your family and I draw it out from there. Some people have a very specific idea as to what they would like, and that’s great too.’

Prices vary depending on the complexity and size, Mandy is happy to discuss this with you. 



Client comments...


‘Kevin was absolutely blown away by the painting, I'm talking speechless!  The kids did the whole unveiling thing with a sheet,  It looks amazing on the wall, and have had so many people wow over it, including us! So can't thank you enough.’ - New Zealand


‘Fabulous painting. Everyone loves the colours, the water and if course the subject.’ - Australia


‘Thank you very much for letting us know the painting has been completed. To be honest with you, I have just lost all the words because this is just too good !!! I cannot wait to see the real one, and maybe I would be fainted away because of the marvelous painting that I have never seen.’ - Japan


‘just wanted to say again that both Ashlea and I LOVE our painting!!!! thank you!!!’ - New Zealand


‘The painting looks amazing on our wall!! thanks so much for doing such a great job! … all in all a fantastic response and it makes our house seem so alive and like we all belong.’ - New Zealand

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